Our Partner Certified Adwords managers are experienced in several industries in many countries. Whatever your niche, we're sure to have you covered.


We follow the best practices in pay per click management.  Not only do we  follow them, we test them, over and over again to make sure that if we say something is best for your account – we have the data to prove it.


Anyone can claim to be a “PPC Manager”, but that doesn't mean that they have the skills or experience to deliver the very best for your campaign. All of our account managers have proven their skills by passing the rigorous testing provided in the Google Partner Certification training program. It goes without saying that we only hire Google Adwords Certified staff. That's a given, an entry requirement. We test our staff rigorously, follow our own ever developing best practice methodology and benchmark every account against its peers.


Professional Adwords account management needs professional tools. You wouldn't consider surgery with a simple first aid kit – you would insist on the best. Nor should you put your Adwords account in the hands of managers using amateur tools. We've tested 12 commercial PPC management platforms and none could meet our standards – so we built our own, and we continue to invest and develop it to give our account managers the best tools we possibly can.


Google Adwords Management

Adwords Pay-Per-Click

This is our core competency.

SEM, PPC, Paid Search … we've been doing it about as long as Google's been around.

Video Brand Marketing

YouTube Ad Marketing

YouTube is the world’s most popular video community.

Our video PPC service puts you directly in front of your audience.

Facebook PPC Marketing

Social Media Pay-Per-Click

Reach highly targeted markets like never before.

Our powerful cost-effective paid advertising strategies really work.

Remarketing and Display

Banner Ads + Rich Media

Create brand awareness + convert likely buyers.

We know how to turn browsers into buyers.

Would you like us to find the waste in YOUR Adwords account?








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